Dr Etemad-Sajadi has performed his neurosurgical training in Lausanne, under the supervision of Prof. Villemure, as well as in Montreal. During his clinical training, Dr Etemad-Sajadi had the opportunity to practice and acquire extensive experience in dealing with various spinal and cerebral pathologies. These included upper and lower spinal disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis, as well as more complicated surgical procedures, such as stabilization of the spinal column. Dr Etemad-Sajadi has also a solid experience in the treatment of oncological disorders, such as brain and spinal tumours, as well as the treatment of hydrocephalus.

Dr. Etemad-Sajadi is a member of several medical societies, including the Swiss Society of Neurosurgery (SSNC) and the Swiss Society of Spinal Surgery (SGC).

During the early years of his training, Dr Etemad-Sajadi had the opportunity to lead a research project in EPFL on gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease, under Prof. Patrick Aebischer’s direction. This project led to a M.D.-Ph.D. diploma in Neurosciences.

Areas of interest

  • Spinal surgery
  • Surgery of brain tumours
  • Surgery for hydrocephalus


  • M.D. : Medical school, Lausanne University, Switzerland.
  • Ph.D. in Neurosciences : EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Switzerland.
  • FMH : Swiss and European board of speciality in Neurosurgery.
  • Fellowship in Pediatric Neurosurgery in St-Justine Hospital, Montreal University.


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