Lumbar and cervical discal herniation

Lumbar and cervical discal herniation are frequent pathologies. Discal degeneration leads to discal material protrusion with radicular compression.

Lumbar and cervical canal stenosis

Lumbar and cervical canal stenosis lead to pain radiating in legs, or other neurological problems due to spinal cord compression. These problems need a micro-surgical decompression in order to relieve symptoms.

Lumbar instability and lumbago

Environmental and genetic factors can lead to degenerative spinal instability. Intractable back pain could occur, with a need to proceed to stabilization procedures, in order to relieve pain. We use modern navigation techniques to increase the security in these surgeries.

Vertebral fractures

Vertebral fractures can lead to important pain. Cement injection (vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty) is an excellent choice of treatment for these disorders.

Spinal tumours

Spinal tumours can compress nervous structures and lead to neurological problems. A high precision micro-surgical resection of the tumour is necessary, in order to preserve spinal cord and nerves function.

Brain tumours

Brain tumours are important disorders which need rapid and high-quality treatments. Brain tumours can be devided in primary (meningiomas, gliomas, …) and secondary (metastasis) tumours. Micro-surgical resection of the tumour, without damaging brain functions constitutes a challenge. We provide this by the use of ultrasound micro-dissecting techniques under neuro-navigation and neuro-monitoring control during the surgery.


Hydrocephalus or dilated brain ventricles results either from altered cerebro-spinal fluid resorption or a mechanical obstruction in the circulation of the fluid. These disorders need either an endoscopic surgery or a shunt technique for the cerebro-spinal fluid drainage.


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